About me

Elena's Portrait
My name is Elena. I’m originally from Russia but now I live and work in California, USA.
I am an experienced Web UI engineer, and I am able to do a variety of web projects, from simple sites that use various CMS like WordPress or Drupal to extensive web applications with custom made UX design and proprietary backend.

I specialize in client-side web development using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and JavaScript. I can also do some server-side coding to connect a client-side and backend using PHP or .NET C#. I design and implement all project-related graphics, icons, backgrounds and other UI elements that are lightweight and compatible with modern JavaScript libraries like jQuery and ExtJs.

As a UI/UX developer I can do UI wireframes, interface visualization based on customer or product management requirements, interactive UI prototyping based on JavaScript libraries like jQuery, ExtJS or Sencha Touch for usability testing or production usage.